Research Project 12

Development of a user-friendly software solution of lrRNA-seq analysis. From mapping to pathway analysis

About the Project

BioBam Bioinformatics Solutions

Valencia, Spain

Stefan Götz

Main Supervisor

Ana Conesa


Universitat de València

PhD enrolment

Yearly salary

33.337,80 € (Gross)

Research Objectives

lrRNA-seq data analysis is poorly accessible to users without bioinformatics expertise. OmicsBox is a user-friendly software with modules for RNA-seq and functional enrichment analysis. lrRNA-seq is not yet supported. Our objectives are:

  • Compare existing long reads analysis pipelines for mapping, quantification, and differential expression analysis in non-model species.
  • Develop novel pathway analysis method for isoform-resolved data.
  • Implement methods in OmicsBox user-friendly software.

Envisioned Secondments

  • UU-SciLifeLab (Adam Ameur). Learn library preparation methods and collaborate in Aim 1.
  • CNRS (Pascal Barbry): Compare OmicsBox methods to Barbry’s AI methods.

About the Main Supervisor and Host Group

Stefan Götz

Biobam Bioinformatics,

BioBam is a leading bioinformatics solution provider which accelerate research in disciplines such as agricultural genomics, microbiology and environmental NGS studies, amongst others. BioBam is committed to the development of user-friendly software solutions for biological research. Our mission is to transform complex data analysis procedures into an attractive and interactive task. BioBam is devoted to close the gap between experimental work, bioinformatics analysis and applied research.